Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Aztec Football: Future, Past and Present

The first Wednesday of February is National Letter of Intent signing day for prospective college football players and a day in which we revel optimistically in the efforts of Brady Hoke and his staff.

It appears that we are concentrating locally with players from wildly successful Oceanside High School, San Diego County the rest of the state. Today, I find myself dwelling on Hoke rule # 61: BELIEVE.

At the same time, we have the opportunity to assist in righting a wrong long overdue and that is to collectively will Coach Don Coryell into the hallowed National Football League Hall of Fame. It is a bit frustrating that the alleged voting media cognoscenti don’t yet understand what all Aztecs fans know: That Don Coryell was responsible for transforming football into the immensely watchable product it has become. While going on-line to cast your vote at does not actually count in the official balloting, the karma couldn’t hurt.

And finally, it is comforting to know that regardless of the outcome of Sunday’s Super Bowl, one Aztec for Life will be crowned current champion. Congratulations to Freddy Keiaho of the Colts and Lynell Hamilton of the Saints.



Kevin said...

Go Aztecs!
SDSU football will rise from the ashes to become a powerhouse in the next 5 years.

Best wishes for the 2010 season!
Philip Burge ( '85)
Palestine Texas

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