Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Teaching the Math Teachers

At a recent conference of alumni directors, a point was made that promoting academic-based initiatives is a powerful way to connect alumni associations with both faculty and alums. Things have apparently changed in this business since one could forge a career around planning tailgates.

Actually, these alumni directors were issuing a wakeup call that those in our position have been rendered less relevant by Facebook. But the conference organizers are now demanding that in addition to continued attention to the traditional connecting tools like in-person meetings, telephone, snail-mail and email, we had now better become conversant in all forms of new media.

So, we are. Check here:

With regard to academia, last week the SDSU Alumni Association hosted an event entitled, A Showcase of Math education at SDSU. Two hundred thirty people showed up at our fabulous Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center to hear a lecture by a best-selling mathematician (is that an oxymoron?). Prior to the entertaining talk by John Allen Paulos, we got to see all of the incredible work we do at SDSU in the field of math education. Did you even know that we have more faculty committed to math education than any other school in the country?! Or that our joint doctoral program in math education is ranked second in the nation? Or that our Center for Research for Math and Science Education (CRMSE) is making an enormous difference in the quality of the teachers who inevitably enter the regional K-12’s?

Anyone can conclude how essential these programs are. And the 230 alumni and local educators came away understanding how vital a role San Diego State plays in preparing, encouraging and willing our next generation to fully comprehend the essential tools required for advancing our world.

Way to go, State!

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